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Social Business Masterclass

  • Twitter 101

    In this lesson we introduce you to the basics of Twitter and equip you with the knowledge and skills to derive personal and business value from the platform. You'll find out what Twitter is, where it came from, why it matters to you as an individual and as a businessperson, how to get started, how to get engaged and finally, we'll give you 5 critical tips for success.

  • Facebook 101

    This lesson tackles Facebook. While the platform barely needs an introduction, we would like to provide you with some useful background on the social network, as well as a few tips and hints around how to leverage the platform both as a personal and professional marketing and branding tool.

  • LinkedIn 101

    Lesson four is all about LinkedIn. Here we provide a short introduction to and history of the platform, as well as some guidelines on how to create a strong personal profile. As a working professional, a presence on LinkedIn is a non-negotiable. That said, while many people tick the box of having a LinkedIn profile as necessity, few understand just how powerful a network it can be.

  • YouTube 101

    It is now time to learn about YouTube. This lesson introduces you to the platform, and provides some background on this remarkable video-sharing tool. We will take you through the basics of how to leverage the platform and make it work for you and your personal branding mission.

  • Instagram 101

    It’s time to learn all about Instagram! Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and offers users the opportunity to take their followers on a visual journey. Users have the opportunity to share their story through images and grow a strong following of loyal subscribers. Brands can use this platform to engage with customers on their passion points in an emotive way through visual story telling.

  • Pinterest 101

    In this lesson you will learn about the completely addictive nature of Pinterest. Pinterest is a great visual platform where brands and people share amazing imagery and users are able to pin content to their personalised boards as well as engage through likes, comments and follows. Brands have advanced functions and can also participate in conversations on this platform allowing them to engage with customers on their passion points.

  • Google+ 101

    This lesson will introduce Google+ as one of the world’s largest social platforms, for this reason it cannot be ignored. Google+ has great functionality and social reach and should not be underestimated by brands. This platform offers brands the ability engage with their customers in specific, relevant conversations. Google+ plays an important role in search engine optimisation increasing online website visibility.

  • Yammer 101

    Learn Yammer. Think of Yammer as similar to Facebook, however this social networking platform is designed for internal use within a company. Yammer offers the staff within a company a platform for advanced communication, which therefore promotes synergy between strategic business units. This platform offers advanced tools for task, skills and ideas sharing across the company.